Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

As an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, I help organizations resolve productivity issues and implement projects that deliver value to their bottom line. Services I provide:

►DRIVING PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Addressing strengths and areas for improvement in their key work processes. Developing a continuous improvement mind-set and culture, leading to increased productivity, profitability, and morale.

►STRATEGIC PLANNING: Working with organizational leaders to develop long-term & short-term objectives. Building action plans and developing key performance indices (KPIs) & tracking systems to ensure completion.

 ► SIX SIGMA / LEAN: Implementing company-wide or local programs.  Providing training, coaching, and mentoring to ensure practitioners will reduce defects & waste; increase reliability & productivity; and improve customer satisfaction & sales.

►FACILITATION: Delivering effective & neutral facilitation of meetings, enabling leaders and teams to successfully resolve their key issues.

Other areas of expertise include: Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, manufacturing, engineering, human resources, quality management systems,information technology, and chemical industry. I deliver results and will generate bottom line value. Feel free to contact me via the contact webpage or by emailing me at

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